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May 1, 2014


One Voice Shelter Coalition has renovated a temporary shelter in Beulah, Ala. that was donated by the Bridge Church. At present, this shelter will house three employed, homeless women to ensure their safety and meet their needs until they become financially stable.

“All three of them have jobs, and if you saw them walking down the street, you would not have a clue they are homeless. If you saw them in the place they worked, it would not occur to you. They had something terrible happen in their lives, and they want to get things right.”
— District 4 Commissioner Robert Ham

People that have contributed to the Beulah Shelter:

  • The Bridge Church

  • Commissioner Robert Ham

  • Rebuilding Lee County

  • Point Broadband

  • Community volunteers

  • Ridge Road Baptist Church

  • St. Michael’s Church

  • One Voice Shelter Board Members